It wouldn’t be easy to put into words the various factors that took me to here.

It includes a wish (that no doubt many of us share) to move beyond the slick, glossy screens of digital technology, where things are so quickly swiped, clicked, liked, forgotten.

It includes a wish to learn to sloooow right down as part of the practice of photography.

It followed on directly from trying to learn more about the ‘proper’ functions of a camera and finding it frustrating to fathom what we’re asking a chip to do, when it’s expressed in the language of film that had real, tangible, chemical qualities ~ a physical reaction to light ~ and wondering if I would better learn by seeing how the real works, rather than the copy of it.

Perhaps there’s more to it than that.

Perhaps there’s less.

In any event, some or all of these things have got me experimenting with film.

I anticipate there might be further ripple effects.

ripple effects

ripple effects