The weather has been wild recently, with gales and torrential rain.

It’s also been really dark; I know this goes with the territory at this time of year, but the (blessed) absence of snow and ice so far has meant less of the bright light and sunshine-on-snow that I’ve enjoyed over the last two winters.

And less opportunity to take winter wonderland photographs.

Still, the sun came out today, providing the chance to survey the scene, both the tree damage after the high winds, and the flooding in nearby fields.

With the sunlight came blue skies, and with the blue skies came a patchwork of blues and greens as I took picture after picture, hungrily, of the rain soaked landscape.

Watery Scene (After the Storm)

Wintry Day

The feeling that came with it can only be described as impossible gratitude for the gift of the sunlight, the colours, the rain soaked day.