I was uploading some photos to Flickr the other day and realised I had a set which captured quite nicely the mood and feel of my favourite local walk (a circuit from the front door, by the edge of the river, to a waterfall, back along by the hedgerows).
I thought you might enjoy a peek into this beautiful corner of the world in the late autumn – when the oaks are still golden, just before the leaves really start to fall.

Late Autumn Galloway Photo Walk

Still some late flowers peeking out in the hedgerows:

Fallen leaves at the edge of the river bed – the damp leaves on the washed pebbles demand a few minutes attention:

Camouflage and Contrast

Puddles on the road back are wonderful at this time of year – I think it’s one of the reasons I like this season so much. Tree watching in puddles reveals a different kind of depth and texture about the world.

Puddle Avenue of Trees

There are hawthorns all along this walk. I don’t find it easy to catch a good portrait of the berries – they’re too red somehow, I can’t get the contrasts right, but this shot with the hill behind caught the moment just as I felt it. Of all the pictures here this one is probably most ‘like’ the landscape round here.

Hawthorn View

Still leaves aplenty on the trees, colouring and curling before they fall:


I spend a lot of time trying to capture the colour, shape, and magnificence of this oak.

Golden Oak

Although the real view, and no less lovely, is more like this.

Late Autumn View

Last, but not least, the avenue of golden oaks marking the road back to the door.

Road to the Door

And yes, before you say it, yes, I know how lucky I am.