I work part time in a busy office. It doesn’t leave much time for photography on those days.

I try and squeeze in photo stops on my drives to and from work, but recently I’ve been trying to go outside for a little while at lunchtime too. I don’t have long – only 30 minutes in total, so by the time you’ve organised and eaten lunch there might only be five or ten minutes left for wandering outside.

It’s enough though.

Oh, I don’t often get much by way of a haul of photographs, although there are some happy random moments, it’s rather just the chance to get outside, to connect to the earth, to connect to my own core, creative practice.

Even just five minutes, it’s grounding, breathing, feeling like myself, the real me, the outside photographer, me.

But what I’ve really noticed is what others have noticed.

“I saw you outside.”

“I saw you going for a walk, I must go for a walk too.”

“Isn’t it lovely today? I saw you outside.”

“What were you taking photos of? Something in the tree? Or just the tree? (Just the tree.)”

“I saw you outside.”

I am noticing their noticing.

It is often not what you say that makes a difference, but simply, what you do, even in a stolen five minutes.