I have been practicing five minute photography.

The days are short now with it getting dark at half past four already, and you have to grab your chances when you can.

November is doing its usual dance between hopeless gloom and impossibly glorious light, and on those light days, when I’m office working, I run out at lunchtime and practice five minute photography.

Mellow trees

The principles are simple.

Just: go outside.

It doesn’t matter if it’s the same patch of ground, over and over.

(Yes, I know I’m lucky my patch is an avenue of trees, burning gold in autumn sunlight.)

Autumn trees

It doesn’t matter.

You’re not a photo journalist , you’re not selling picture postcards, you’re not in art exhibition, you’re simply outside.

You’ve got five minutes to notice, to wonder, to breathe in colour, texture, light.

You’ve got five minutes to bend down, peer up, scramble through bushes and peer over fences.

Leaves in light

You’ve got five minutes to get people thinking: just what is she doing?

You’ve got five minutes to plug back in, to click and connect, to remember what matters, and what and who you are.

Subtle trees
You’ve got five minutes.

And five minutes is enough.

(Photos all from the same stretch of road, taken on different days over the last couple of weeks, while practicing five minute photography.)