This is a personal website run by me, Joanna Paterson.

It’s based on blog based technology which allows me to organise and display material in a variety of different ways – this means that there are things on the front page that highlight what I’m currently working on, and things slightly more behind the scenes that reflect where I’ve come from.

So just now you’ll see phonescapesfrom the Isle of Lewis front and centre. Phonescapes is just a word I use for landscape pictures I take using the camera on my phone. Most of the pictures I take are from walks on the island where I am lucky enough to live, often when I’m out and about coming home from the town or taking my lunch break.

January lunch break

I’ve included some galleries too.

Sometimes I find the words to capture the moment of watching the light – you can find some of these here – lightwords.

The rest of the site is based on material shared through the medium of a blog over many, many years. The blog has had numerous guises, including The Art of Everyday Wonder. If you rummage in the archives you’ll find things on noticing, photography, natural inspiration, poetry + some of the poems and prose poems I’ve written myself.

I suspect I am going to be an extremely occasional blogger going forward, though I might give it a try. The link to the blog section is here, and you are welcome to sign up for very occasional updates here.

I have always aimed to be a good net citizen, and the material is shared on the basis of fair use and available for further use through a Creative Commons licence. Privacy is extremely important to me and anything gathered is only to allow the site to function. I am afraid I no longer leave the comments function open but you can drop me a line through the contact form.

I love minimal web designs and am grateful to Anders Noren for the theme which I think is a perfect reflection of the mood of the images I’m sharing here. He produces a great range of simple but effective WordPress themes, freely available, many of which I have used over the years.

In the olden days of blogging we all used to agonise about how to write the ‘about me’ section of the site, which was supposed to be the most important. I am hoping that the pictures here will speak for themselves! But to tell you briefly about me:

  • I live in the Isle of Lewis and have been here for over 3 years now – the island is the source of nearly all of the photographs shared here
  • I work 4 days a week as an administrator in the local FE college / university, and volunteer on day 5 as a general adviser with our local Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB).
  • I started my web career blogging about Confident Writing but although I still share some written words here I have definitely and ironically lost some of my writing confidence!
  • I have found though that my favourite form of expression and noticing is through the lens of the camera.
  • I do not think of myself as a photographer or what I do as photography, but it is the act of taking photographs, primarily with a camera phone, that I turn to over and over again, as a way to notice, to share, and very often to preserve my sanity
  • I am an enthusiastic Gaelic learner – I have been learning for over ten years now and am gradually realising that this is going to be a lifetime’s endeavour