I leave in the mornings ten minutes early, to take photographs on the way to work.

Sometimes, a lot recently, the weather’s too bad and it’s not possible, but still, it’s a core part of my practice, something that’s deep ingrained.

Sometimes I try to figure out why –

It’s not really to do with taking a lovely photograph, although sometimes that happens.

To be honest it’s not really photography at all, more a way of grounding, connecting with the earth, a way of noticing, remembering, of tipping head back, saying thank you.


Sometimes I think it’s a response, a defiance –

I read a lot in the mornings, wake very early and soak up a lot before I go,

I try to read selectively, with intention, I try to read poetry as well as the news, I try to read the words of real people (like you) as well as the processed fast food news of corporations,

And yet even so often times it’s a lot, overwhelming or depressing, nausea inducing or anger making,

Sometimes I just feel tired at the amount of energy you need to expend just to hold a line, to hold firm to your own point of view, your own way of being,

And somehow this practice, this ten minutes, this standing grounded eyes to the sky – it’s part response to that.

Affirmation, or defiance.

Some way to answer back.