Month: November 2013

Simple Lines of Gratitude

I wanted to write something beautiful about being thankful.

I wanted to share it today.

I had loved the fullness of the words I’d found last year, and shared for the US Thanksgiving holiday.

The lines had tumbled through my head as I’d stood at the kitchen window on holiday in Ireland, watching the light on the softness of the hill.

I wanted to write something similar this year: soft, grateful, tumbling, full.

Of course, the words wouldn’t come.

I think I had forgotten to remember that the form of the expression doesn’t matter.

It’s the thankfulness that matters.

It might come out in poetry.

It might come out in prose.

It might come out in a photograph.

lines of morning

It might come out in the sting of tears, noticing the moon above the scratch of trees against the palest bluest sky.

It might come out as you shut your tear-stung eyes, and whisper:

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Five Minute Photography

I have been practicing five minute photography.

The days are short now with it getting dark at half past four already, and you have to grab your chances when you can.

November is doing its usual dance between hopeless gloom and impossibly glorious light, and on those light days, when I’m office working, I run out at lunchtime and practice five minute photography.

Mellow trees

The principles are simple.

Just: go outside. Continue reading

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