sorrowful you walked
the Flaggy Shore
silent of words
bereft of poetry
sorrowful you walked
even as you lay
on the warm limestone pavement
crying love at the sea thrifts pinkly

even as you walked
cold in November rain
over and over,
cheeks wet with the cold of your tears
even as you stumbled the autumn seaweed
fell once again to lie closely with the stones
even as the skies caught fire above the swans at Loch Maree
and you cried a song of
thank you thank you
as you walked in darkness home

sorrowful it was you walked
wordless without poems
not knowing that this too was a song of worship

even as you prayed hard for the words of the poem to come
silent you stayed,
even as you lay,
flat on the still warm earth
day after day
watching sea thrifts dancing madly
lost in prayer
this quiet
act of