Month: March 2013

Ripple Effects

I got an email the other day, out of the blue.

Dear Joanna, it said,

We would like to ask your permission to use your piece “Why We Need Poetry” in an English school text book to be published in South Africa.

Would you be happy to agree to this?

Er, let me think about this for a moment. Would I be happy for my words to have legs in this way. Continue reading

Five Minutes Only

I work part time in a busy office. It doesn’t leave much time for photography on those days.

I try and squeeze in photo stops on my drives to and from work, but recently I’ve been trying to go outside for a little while at lunchtime too. I don’t have long – only 30 minutes in total, so by the time you’ve organised and eaten lunch there might only be five or ten minutes left for wandering outside.

It’s enough though. Continue reading

Sun on your face. Early morning sun is higher now, enough to clear the hill, and the sun is on your face as you dig, and cut, and clear.

The robin’s waiting, hopeful, hungry. A buzzard soars overhead. Crows caw the chimneys. A flash of white in the oak: tree creeper climbing. Blackbirds hop.

How extraordinary this is. The cacophony of bird song. Buzzard, blackbirds, white of the creeper, unwelcome caw of the crows. Robin waiting, hungry; face turned to the sun.

If I Lived In Kathmandu

I follow someone on Instagram who’s based in Kathmandu.

His photos are stunning.

Intriguing, exotic, moving.

Deeply prayerful.

I found myself thinking the other day: how beautiful my photographs would be if I lived in Kathmandu! Continue reading

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