north light

Date: January 15, 2013

She is playing with lenses, filters, apps.

There isn’t time to look at the results, there isn’t time to gaze through the viewfinder.

It’s just click and the next one, click and the next.



For all the while watching not the viewfinder but the river, blue, pouring with life, watching the bridge, red brick old, graceful, statuesque, watching the sun, glinting, and warming the skin on her face.

Click and the next.

River, bridge and sun.

Suddenly she realises: she doesn’t care how the photos look.

It doesn’t matter.

She’s taken twenty, thirty, if not one works it doesn’t matter.

This is what matters: this moment, this taking, this playing, this not looking, this only clicking without thinking without seeing without framing, only

click and the next.

This moment, here, now.

River, bridge and sun.

heavy sleet morning
streaks of impossibly gold
swing on the feeder

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