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Date: July 20, 2012

Seeing With Your Own Eyes

There is no substitute for seeing things with your own eyes.

I mean, you can read about things, from books, from the internet, from Wikipedia, you can hear the words seductively playing around in your head:

The rolling hills of the Burren are composed of limestone pavement with criss-crossing cracks known as ‘grikes’, leaving isolated rocks called ‘clints’. The region supports Mediterranean and Alpine plants side by side, due to the unusual environment.

But it is another thing to see these things with your own eyes. Continue reading

A Feast of Flowers

I was up walking near the Glenkiln reservoir yesterday (we were one of the few places in the UK that wasn’t deluged with rain over the weekend).

However many times I walk there, I forget how much I love this wide open moorland, this empty landscape that talks to me of home.

Yes, I know, Galloway is beautiful.

Of course the landscape isn’t empty at all, the hedgerows by the field sides, the moorland and boggy places are teeming with life, and at this time of year, heaving with the most gorgeous wildflowers. Continue reading

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