I was out walking the other day, along by the hedgerows, down to the falls.  (One of my favourite places to go and marvel.)

I was happily noticing what I noticed, not least the early signs of autumn, irresistibly arriving. My noticing and walking took me down to the edge of the river, where the water was low enough to walk on the edge of the river bed.

Some early leaves had fallen, and I was wondering how they would look against the grey pebble river floor.

And then I thought to myself,

Oh, but you’re supposed to be looking out for your invitation
And turned my head, and looked back up the river.


This is what I saw.

The invitation of the trees

It took my breath away.

It’s simply the way the trees are arching.

It’s simply the way the light is falling.

It’s simply – I don’t know – it might not even speak to you – it doesn’t matter.

It simply: invited.

It simply reminded me to remember: to open my eyes and look.