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Month: March 2012

blackbird garden
goldfinches watch
the mist sing

A Breath of Colour

It’s one of the things I am enjoying most about gardening more: finding tiny flowers that otherwise I’d not have noticed.

A tiny burst of colour, lurking in the shady undergrowth.

So shady, so small, I couldn’t get a clear photograph, could only get an image, an impression, a sense of the feeling of the colour that I found.

I think the flower is the lungwort, named for its association with the lungs. I have read that this was from the shape of the leaves, or the colouring of the lungs.

Lungwort Tiny

Either way, it is a reminder to me: to breathe.

To breathe in pink, to breathe in purple, to breathe in blue.

To breathe in colour.

I have such a well-developed sense of seriousness, of graveness, of gravity: I am forever grateful for these tiny bursts of tininess, of surprise, of colour that I find when I’m not looking.

These tiny breaths of colour.

Tiny Pink and Blue

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