I would love to have time, to make time, to write the details of the changes of the seasons.

For now though I rely on the photos I take as I walk. It’s a simple but powerful way of creating a photo journal of the seasons.

Autumn came and went last week with a blast of high winds, heavy rain, then the first hard frost. Bonfire Night (the 5th of November) marked the season’s turn, as it so often does.

I was glad when the frost came that I had taken photo after photo in the two months that had gone before, capturing colour changes and leaf falls, the way the trees first strut their stuff in their autumn glory then reveal their inner structure as the leaves fall, and show themselves, bare and unadorned, more beautiful than ever, how the paths transform into carpets of leaves, into invitations stretching out before us, how we see reminder after reminder to express what is good and beautiful, but also to be ready to let it go and let it fall. Continue reading