north light

Month: January 2011

watching the valley
for fog, rising,
a silhouetted blackbird hops

moon, full and fat
broken-dappled sky
curling silhouette, black branch against the twilight
kiss of gold on evening trees, rich with the last drop of sun

Snowdrop Promise

The application of light is


in the forest.

A sea of escaped green,

telling fast wild


poems of promise.

Sea of green,

breath of love,

stream of promise.

winter ferry
wind biting the way

cool blink of January sun ~ green brown fields of Galloway rolling curving ~ undulating ~ heart shouts wild alive

morning snow
bearing witness
robin song

a bitter east wind, cutting the day;
fields, hard with a scattering of snow;
January has the earth in her grip; first snowdrops bloom

washing dishes, watching birdsong, red-headed goldfinch swings

brown mud fields
wind scudding clouds
snowdrops dance in a shaft of frozen light

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