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Date: May 17, 2010

The Look of Exuberance

Be good-natured and untidy in your exuberance

~ Mary Oliver

I found this quote during the week: happy co-incidence – it fitted so perfectly with a word that has been playing on my own lips as I walk by and notice the unruly, outrageous wildness of the hedgerows in this harvest season.

Exuberance is really the only word for it. Yes: exuberance

an overflowing amount; an outburst; an abundance
Used to describe an exuberance of content of fancy, of foliage, of happiness, of imagination.

Yes: the word is perfect.

And although sometimes I find it hard to capture the look of abundance in the hedgerows, there is something about this time of year that draws your eye in to the detail, to the specificity of the plants, ripening, and the season, turning. It’s a mixture of colour, thickening

Sloe Berries

nuts, swelling

Acorns Forming

fruit, sweetening

seeds, floating

plants, delighting, in their own perfect form.


Truly an exuberance of the imagination.

12 Line Thank You: A Monday Morning Poem

She was rushing busy busy

When she tripped on the reflection

Stopped by beauty

Stunned by wonder

When she fell into the time warp

Timeless beauty

Endless wonder

When she heard the monk-voice whisper

‘Write them beauty

Sing them wonder’

And she stopped to write a poem

Twelve line thank you, ode to wonder.

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