Author: Joanna

The Look of Exuberance

A celebration of the exuberance of the hedgerows in autumn.

12 Line Thank You: A Monday Morning Poem

A short poem in honour of wonder.

As the Sun Goes Down

Remembering an Orcadian moment of love, and wonder.

Elemental Forces: Northern Beach

A prose poem about stopping on the north coast of Scotland, and letting yourself be found.

invisible to the eye

I wanted to be a ballet dancer
performing, brilliant at Sadler’s Wells
I wanted to be a fairy queen,
singing poems in the moonlight
I wanted to be a magician
pulling rabbits out of hats
I wanted to entrance like a nymph from the woodland
with leaves in my hair, dropping acorns of delight

And the funny thing was

When you were old before your time

First Snowdrops

On finding the first snowdrops of spring.

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